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Please connect with us if you would like to join our waitlist. 

Wait time is currently 6-12 months depending on preferences. 

Litter 'X' born (One more to offer)

Litter 'Z' born (One more to offer)

Litter 'A2' born May 19 (picks late July) 

1. Kaylene H

2. Jaeme R

3. Brooklyn B

4. Brittney B

5. Rachel S

6. Grant B

7. Courtney H 

8. Dakota G

9. Blair/Karis B

10. Kelcie H

11. Melissa H

12. Savannah H

13. Mahalia W

14. Courtney R

15. Alison P

16. Justin G

17. Corey K

18. Cara L

19. Hannah P

20. Keely S

21. Katya G

22. Samantha J

23. Antonette R

24. Katherine C

25. Tammy R

26. Mallory M

27. Kelsey M x2

28. Virginia E

29. Alex K

30. Shawna U

31. Jennifer F

32. Paul J

33. Janine N

34. Peter L

35. Courtney V

36. Danni C

Odd/Blue Eye:

1. Brooklyn B

2. Brittney B

3. Grant B

4. Courtney H

5. Dakota G

6. Blair/Karis B

7. Kelcie H

8. Melissa H

9. Savannah H

10. Mahalia W

11. Courtney R

12. Alison P

13. Corey K

14. Keely S

15. Samantha J

16. Antonette R

17. Tammy R

18. Alex K

19. Shawna U

20. Peter L

21. Danni C


1. Destiny L

2. Brittney B

3. Shara M

5. Samantha F

6. Courtney R


A list of families/individuals who are committed to bringing home a kitten and want to be notified as soon as one becomes available. Families on the wait-list will be given the opportunity to choose their kitten before we post them publicly.


To be added to the wait-list, we ask for a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your spot. It gives you priority over the general public, and shows us you're serious about a kitten. This deposit goes towards the final price of your kitten.

Once the deposit is received, you will be added to the wait-list. Your turn for picking a kitten is determined by your rank on the wait-list.


Once the kittens are 8-10 weeks, we will start allowing families to pick their kitten.  You are free to pass on any litter and stay on the wait-list for the next litter. You will just move up in rank and be notified again as soon as a new litter is born.  Once you choose a kitten, another deposit is due to hold that specific kitten (also comes off the final price), and a purchase contract will be sent to you. 

*NOTE once a kitten is offered to you, you will have 12 hours to respond. Once 12 hours passes, we will move onto the next in line.

*NOTE you are welcome to pass on kittens to ensure you receive what you hoped for. However, if after 2 years from the date of joining the list, you are still passing even when offered kittens that fit what you are looking for, we will require another waitlist deposit to hold your rank. All deposits go towards final cost of kitten. 

*NOTE if you are offered a kitten and give us zero response two times, we will automatically add you to the alternate list until contact has been received.


Should you decide that you no longer want to be on the wait-list, we can remove you from the list, but since your spot has been reserved we will consider the service of reserving your spot as fulfilled, therefore no refund. 

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